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Reducing field service costs with better UX
in the energy industry

Field Service and Asset Management System

Applications used for managing physical assets of public utility needed improved reliability and sustainability. Enhancing user (technician) satisfaction and productivity by optimizing maintenance planning, asset uptime, and safety. Co-created with Geometria's developer team.

asset managment enterprise software field service
  • 800k

    Citizens as end users
  • 4

    Weeks shorter Development Circle

Serving 800 000+ citizens

User Research in a Deep Domain

Electricity, Natural Gas, Water.
It is increasingly hard to manage physical assets channeled through big data, especially in big cities. Information must be provided to technicians in the most efficient way possible. This work requires deep domain knowledge and years of expertise. We've carried out our research through user interviews, shadowing field experts, and doing field research in operation centers.


  • Interview Reports
  • Job Stories

Creating Concepts

navigation and focus points

We made information architectures and high fidelity, interactive wireframes to show the task flows and user journeys.


  • Information Architecture Maps
  • Wireframes
alt text Job Story Workshop
How might we improve the daily work of technicians in order to lower the costs and length of field operations?
alt text

Design Styleguide

designing interface systems

Delivering better experience to succeed in the energy and utility industry with renewed usability and design for an existing product. Strenghten consistency of the features by simple and pattern based design solutions.

alt text
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