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Product Designers for Guaranteed Quality

Extend Your Teams

At Exalt Interactive, we pride ourselves on the quality of our design. We offer our clients embedded experts who excel at their crafts and have the ability to work on projects independently while adapting to your company's needs.

Building your venture with our strictly vetted and trained experts offers you relief from the pains of talent acquisition and maintenance.

  • Providing Professional Personnel

    Working together with cutting-edge design experts

    Balanced expertise in both UX and UI

    Prowess in design and soft skills alike

  • Domain Deep-Dive

    Shadowing field-experts

    Onboarding in your domain

    Designers proficents in an array of different fields with a keen eye for logical patterns that create confluences

  • Transforming Teams

    Strategic planning of squads

    Shaping agile teams

    Bringing the methodology of user-centred design to your team

  • Extrapolate Existing Expertise

    Leading strategic workshops

    Facilitating design sprints

    Servicing concept creations

    Organizing design-driven team-building events

How We Nurture Talent


Constantly improving our internal infrastructure is a must. Experts in design and mentoring, our team has developed a strategic incubator program to best cultivate our aspiring talents. To guarantee high-quality products, our designers are constantly counselled in an agile setting that mirrors the values of the double-diamond design framework.

'When you work with an Exalter,
you can expect efficiency, professionalism,
open communication and a team of leading experts
behind each individual.'

Our Mission in Design Education


Design lives its renaissance—an already vast literature, growing day by day. We made it our mission not only to keep up with this up-current but to embrace and enhance the processes. We are determined to become the pioneers in reshaping how design and design methods are lived and taught, not just at our firm, but also in higher education. We've started a strategic partnership with Hungary's largest Design University in 2012 to collaborate in nurturing the upcoming talents of the product design industry.
Keeping up with today's quick-paced market—all the new tools and methodologies— is a constant challenge for traditional educational systems. (The latest practices can only be acquired with the aid of people already working in UX and service design.) To help mend the bridge, our team participates in whole-semester UX education programs and intense design sprints.