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Growing your talent

Coaching Teams

Grow your own in-house talent or educate developers, managers with our help. Learning even the very basics of user centered design can improve your team's efficiency.

  • Training

    Courses with lectures and workshops

    UX Design

    Design Thinking

    Design Sprint

    Processes, tools

  • Mentoring

    Reviewing your team’s design work, with advices and workshops

    Design critique

    Collaborative workshops

  • Hosting Camps

    Full day design methodology exercises

    Design tool practice

    Research and Ideation methods


  • Building Labs

    Facilitating the creation of in-house design teams

    Strategic planning

    Team building

    Soft-skill based personalised training

Transfering Knowledge


Design itself lives it's new renaissance, it's already wast literature is growing day by day. However the basics of design thinking or user centered design can be learned in a short time period. Practical knowledge with the very basics of design theory can be transfered within weeks if it's based on practice, mostly workshops.

Attendees will be able to try the most
important design methods, learn
useful tools and understand a
product creation processes.

Our Mission in Design Education


We've started strategic partnership with a design university in 2012 working on growing talents into the product design industry. Keeping up with today's fast moving market, new tools and methodologies is a constant challenge for traditional educational systems.
Up to date knowledge can only be acquired with the help of people already working in the fields of UX design and service design. We our team members participate in whole-semester UX education programs and intense design sprints for design students.